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Errunds is an Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning powered online community marketplace connecting local brick and mortar businesses to community shoppers to provide a better shopping experience and to help community businesses scale. Think, Amazon for the community. 

At the heart of Soho NYC, Errunds is a startup company. I joined the team in October of 2018 to be their UX Designer. 


For Errunds Official Launch:

  • To prepare for Errunds to offically launch

  • Complete a design project from start to finish

  • Apply knowledge from UX into design

  • To create a more engaging experience for conversators to share, explore and stay connected

  • To break the rules of conventional ordering interface

  • To create an interface for users to easily navigate through chats

  • To solve the UX problems in today's world

Defining the elements

The Login Page:

Errunds combines both businesses and customers on a similar platform, so the login page must tailor to both. 

Key Point: How can we make the login page equivalent to each other, so there's no misunderstanding of hierarchy.