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designer - Creative Directing(MARKETING)

My position as a Creative Director includes rebranding DASOMI, by creating a minimalistic logo, invent new ideas for branding, advertising campaigns and marketing messages, creating and recognizing new approaches to advertising, revamping Instagram and analyze trends, look at new data on social media, and make decisions on final copy, final art, finished commercials and radio spots.

Logo rebranding

Previous Logo

Present Logo

Social media

I have redone the whole company's instagram, where I creative direct the content that goes on it. From social media, to campaigns, I have been partaking on the Instagram. I have also increased engagement, and followers up 80% since I first joined the company. I also have done Social Media Analytics for DASOMI. 




The instagram is @dasomi_us

Below is a snippet of the instagram. 

The Instagram started off with only 100 followers, and
since then it has increased 800 followers in a month. I've also added new content, created new posts, and managed the Instagram. I analyze the  engagement, messages, and followers. 


DASOMI needed a new website flow for the company, so I did a Design Sprint with my design team to create a website.   A sprint design is a unique four-step process for creating and solving big challenges through prototyping and testing ideas. The final website is published and done below. 

Feel free to check out www.dasomi.us

DASOMI advertisements

DASOMI had an opportunity to be on Times Square and we prepared with model and actress, Zita Vass to promote our brand. I've lead and given the creative direction of the advertisement, and passed it over to the team, for them to shoot and edit the advertisement.