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Disclaimer: This is an Adobe XD Challenge to create a music app design.


Create a Design System

Create a design system for a music player mobile app and save it, as a reference file.


For Personal Development

  • Learn how to conduct design through Adobe XD, and prototype.

  • Complete a design project from start to finish

  • Apply knowledge from UX into design

Project Roles: UI/UX Designer, Product Designer


Color Palette


User flow

defining the point

Light vs Dark mode

The debate between dark mode vs light mode still exists in the design world. Dark mode and light mode lives in the present, and both modes fits with a light UI. For example, Spotify has a dark mode, and iTunes has a light mode. Users can prefer both interfaces but are only restricted to one mode.

Key Point: How can we let the user choose what mode (Light vs Dark) in the app? 

Searching for Nearby Music

You go into a coffee shop, and they're playing a song that you like, and you want to know the playlist. You can search for nearby

Key Point: How can we discover new music around you? 

low-fidelity (Wireframes)